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Support Engineer Full-time Job

1 year ago IT / Telecommunication Phnom Penh 497 views
Roles & Responsibilities:

- On phone, on site and remote support to customer mainly
related to internet service
- Assist troubleshoot networks, internet connectivity in the
customer site or the company
- Provide recommendation and suggestion to customer
- Install, configure, and maintain internet connection,
network cabling, and other related equipment, and devices,
adds or upgrades hardware and software and configures
wireless access point, router with wireless and related
- Implement network security and provide technical support
to customer, anti-virus updates, managing host security
and other related PCs.
- Configure e-mail client and provide technical support for
our customer (Anti-Virus, Spam protection and scanning,
and other related e-mail)
- Keep track in ticket system
- Maintain customer relationship

- Other tasks assigned by team leader or manager

Job Requirements:

- Bachelor degree of information technology or related field
is required.
- Technical knowledge and skills in setting up network and
connectivity infrastructures and e-mail
- Knowledge of TCP/IP, WAN, LAN, ADSL, DNS Networking, Cisco
Router and Switch are advantage
- Certify CCNA is a plus
- Good English communication skills is a plus
- Loyalty, honesty, patient work, positive aptitude
- Can work well under pressure

* Compensation & Benefits
- Phone card allowance
- Medical allowance
- Accident Insurance
- Bonus
- Friendly working environment
- More.......

How to Apply:

Contact Number: 016672267, 092635536
Email: [email protected]

Company Description
ក្រុមហ៊ុន អ៊ិនធឺណិត ហូម ត្រូវបានបង្កើតឡើង ដោយសារតម្រូវការអ៊ិនធឺណិត មានការកើន ឡើងជាលំដាប់។អ៊ិនធឺណិត ហូម បានបង្កើតឡើង ដេាយផ្ដល់ជូនសេវា អ៊ិនធឺណិត នូវកំរិតល្បឿនធំ លឿនបំផុត មានភាពងាយស្រួលក្នុង ការប្រើប្រាស់ តាមតម្រូវការតាម ផ្ទះ តូច ធំ បុរី និង អាគារស្នាក់នៅជាដើម។អ៊ិនធឺណិត ហូម នាំមកជូនអតិថិជននូវបច្ចេកវិទ្យាចុងក្រេាយបំផុត ហ្វាយបឺអុបទិក (Fiber Optic) ក្រេាមដីដែលធានាបាននូវ គុណភាពខ្ពស់ មិនរអាក់រអួល និង ផ្ដល់សេវា បម្រើរហ័សទាន់ចិត្ត ។